Do NOT be ashamed of being virtuous.

For the record, I’m NOT trunky. I am working harder than ever. Just had to get that straight. Buut I also want to ask all of you to not talk to me about ending my mission because it’s sad and I don’t want to think about it. Thaaaaank YOU.

This week my companion found an ant in her study journal and she wasn’t too happy about it. But it was only giving us the example…we must FEAST upon the words of Christ. Just sayin.

I love having Hna Nethercott as my companion for many reasons, one of them being that she reminds me a lot of my mom in the sense that she gets the tune of the song right but she puts whatever lyrics she thinks is right in there. Very funny.

I saw 4 of my companions this week....Zaragoza, Rojas, Berrospi & Nethercott
I saw 4 of my companions this week….Zaragoza, Rojas, Berrospi & Nethercott

My hand also got stuck in the pringles container this week, so that was good.

There are a lot of things I learned this week. One of those things I learned is that we must fear God more than we fear man. I invite you all to read the talk “Which way do you face?”

(you can find it here:

It is a very inspirational talk to help us realize where our priorities are at. We have to remember that we are representing Jesus Christ TO the people. Not the people TO Jesus Christ. If we testify that we LOVE God and praise Him, then we must not let our standards or morals down because of what others are doing. If we do that, we are reversing the order of the two greatest commandments, which is essentially apostasy. If we lower our standards, we are lowering the highest and most sacred standards there are and we will only add to the spiritual and emotional death of humanity.

In the moment we choose between right and wrong, many things may stand in the way of us choosing what’s right; we may fear gossip, rejection, or humiliation. we may desire popularity or acceptance instead of doing what God desires and requires of us. Why is this? Why do we tend to want more temporal things in life? Why do we fear what others think? Why do we choose wrong over right just because we want to be accepted? Jesus Christ states boldly in the new testament that He was hated before any of us were. He was rejected before any of us were. And if we follow Christ whole-heartedly and we KEEP His commandments, do you think we would not receive the same kind of rejection or solidarity? Because we will! If we do not do things of the world, we will be hated and rejected as Christ was. We may not have to suffer what He suffered, which was greater than anything we are even capable of suffering, however we will receive rejection or the feeling of being alone. We may feel alone in moments of choosing the right or standing up for and defending morality and virtue which we must cherish as sons and daughters of God, but we are never left alone. We may feel rejected, hated, abused, shunned, or even ridiculed for what we do, but we must not back down. Defend the truth. Defend Christ’s legacy and live it. Do NOT be ashamed of being virtuous. Do NOT be ashamed to be innocent or naiive to profane things. Protect yourselves with the eternal company of the Holy Spirit by reading your scriptures, praying always, going to church, and keeping every one of God’s commandments to a tee. He will bless you. He will comfort you. He will elevate you to a greater joy and spirituality. He will bless you with opened eyes and a charity-filled heart. He will bless you with purity, which is greater than all.

Sister training leaders
Sister training leaders

I love this gospel. Jesus Christ lives. These things are true, and if you test it out and put it all to practice, you will see that what I am saying is true. Trust in God’s promises and live worthily to receive them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Our Saviour and Eternal Friend, Amen.

With lots of love,

Hermana Dunne


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