Everyone who comes into our lives is there for a reason


shoutout to Tilly Bremner my cousin for the ADORABLE card she sent me!!!!!

This week there has been lots of rain. it’s cold here. nevertheless, we are working hard. The members that live in our house call me barbie and hna nethercott polly pocket. starting and ending the mission with that beloved nickname…

intense rain
intense rain

Today we went bowling as a zone. i got third. my companion schooled all of us. it was swell. I also ate cinnibon.

I will not be dragged to any malls when i get home either, just saying. forgot how much i hate malls. blehh

Well, something spiritual i learned this week is that we all must learn how to correct people with LOVE. If we don’t do it with love, we’re not doing it the Lord’s way. The Lord corrected others to help them and they ended up loving Him more. I love this gospel. Jesus Christ lives. Let us better ourselves daily.

Everyone who comes into our lives is there for a reason, whether it be for a day or a lifetime, you met them for a reason. Love them, don’t judge them, help them, uplift them, and strengthen them in every way you can. God trusts you with that responsibility. Service is love. And love is a commandment of God.



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