Nothing is coincidence if we are following the Spirit of the Lord.

I back up the words in Jacob where it says”…our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream…” (Jacob 7:26) What an incredible journey…OH WAIT. It’s not over yetttt!!! But man, has it passed by fast. Faster than I ever thought possible…and every day goes by faster and faster. Que miedo.

I feel like this mission has blessed me in more ways than I can name. One of these ways is that I have been able to be more receptive and aware of the Holy Ghost. He is so real and speaks to us daily, in many ways, we just have to have the right mindset and be aware of Him and we will hear Him.

My second parents.  Sister and president Richardson
My second parents. Sister and president Richardson


THIS WEEK HERMANO FEDERICO SE BAUTIZO!! Wow, So Federico got baptized and it was GREAT, but it sure was an adventure. We left the baptismal font filling up early and when we went back an hour before the baptism, turns out that the drain had been opened and the font didn’t fill up AT ALL. So we frantically started filling up buckets from water spickets outside to get more water in the font as soon as possible…the water ended up being yellow because it was dirty. Half of the room’s lights didn’t work so it was mostly dark. There was no gas to heat up the water. aaaand much more….HAHAHHAAHHA IT. WAS. RIDICULOUS. But hey, he was happy. He made a great covenant with God, he made a lot of changes in his life, and the Spirit was strong. He’s a great guy.


Yesterday, we were visiting people after church and then it started to downpour. We ended up visiting the bishop. He recently got hit by a bull and is very injured. He can hardly move and is on medication. When we showed up, he got really excited and said “THIS is the Lord’s work.” Then he started to talk about how when we work through rain or whatever else may come our way, that THAT is where the miracles start to come. He was in such a fragile state…and the whole situation made me reflect a lot on life. We didn’t have plans to visit the bishop, we kind of decided last minute…but it was always in the Lord’s plans. It’s amazing how much God leads us into the lives of others. He led us to go strengthen our bishop, but the bishop ended up strengthening US. What I learned that night is a lot more profound to me, but it’s sufficient for me to say that God always places us into situations with a purpose. Nothing is coincidence if we are following the Spirit of the Lord.

me and Nethercott
me and Nethercott

We are also starting “la fe de febrero trae los milagros de marzo” or “the faith of february brings the miracles of march” like we did last year! Basically in this time, we can’t have any activities, we can only listen to hymns, and we make some spiritual sacrifices. Although it’s a bummer that we can’t have activities or anything, the spirit is a lot stronger. I am starting to get up at 6 instead of 6:30 and I study the new testament…then we ruuuuuun! It’s a really fun experience. I am happy to be able to finish this mission out strong…the Lord is powerful and God is great. Miracles are real and God answers our prayers frequently.

The leaders who are all leaving
The leaders who are all leaving

Thanks for all your support! This week will be a great one. Hasta Luego,
Hermana Dunne

ps…carnaval is starting here again where they spray you with foam, paint, flour, and eggs aaaand water balloons. this week we wont be able to work much because of it -__- BUUUUT I did surprise my companion today

carnival attack on compi
carnival attack on compi

1 Thessalonians 2:17,20

James 4:10,14


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