One is Enough


Happy Independence Day to all of you Americans out there! 😀

Alright. I believe that everyone has ups and downs in life always. This month has been an incredible rollercoaster, and I can’t say I enjoyed it at the time, buuut i’m grateful for it now because I’ve learned a lot.

I wanted to share a few thoughts today that have been coming to mind a lot this past month.

With all of the controversy that’s been going on lately, I want everyone to remember that the most important thing we can remember right now is to live by “the golden rule”! “The Golden Rule” is a standard to treat others as you would want them to treat you! We all come from different backgrounds, and many times have completely different opinions and perspectives. We must remember to stand for what we believe is right and true, but also to respect others’ decisions to stand for what they love and feel to be true.

Now, let us remember that standing for what we believe to be right and true doesn’t necessarily mean posting an obnoxious paragraph on Facebook of what you believe and condoning those who don’t agree. It doesn’t mean going out of your way to comment on others’ statuses or pictures to reprimand them for thinking differently, either. Nor does it entail disassociating yourself with people because they think differently than you!

We can live up to the standards we have set ourselves in our lives without condoning those around us who live differently. We can also stand up for what we believe without hurting or angering others. I believe it’s alright to stand up for what you believe when someone is targeting you and your beliefs. That is acceptable and we have the right to do so. However, starting up conversations about touchy subjects just to argue or make someone feel of less value is unacceptable and intolerable.

God loves us all. Love DOES win in the end, if we are living as He has asked us to. As we love each other more despite our differences, we will see improvements and increased strength within our families, communities, countries, and finally the world.

Now, people may think that world peace is the absence of violence. But that’s not necessarily true, in my opinion. I really think that world peace will only come when The Saviour of the World comes again. However, in the meantime, we can still strive towards the goal of world peace by simply being good people.

In order to achieve this, we must remember four key things:

1. One person truly can make a difference.

2. We must be more aware of others’ wellbeing.

3. With true faith in God, nothing will ever fail.

4. Jesus Christ IS the source of all things good.

I’m going to expound briefly on each of these things now;

1. You have a lot more power and potential than you may think! Think of a person you’ve met who is always cheering others up, speaking and doing only positive things, and inspiring you through their smile alone. I feel like all of us have at least seen a person like this in our lives. They may not be as happy as they seem ALL the time! But they have found a way to control their emotions, and make the best out of their situations in life! They have found that through their bubbly personality, they really can make a difference in someone’s day or happiness–and if they’ve made even just ONE person smile during the day, then their day has been a success! How do we measure our successes typically? By how much work we get done? By whether or not we were doing something “productive” all day? Have we ever considered that cheering people up makes a day successful?! You’re letting God work through you in order to help another one of His children!

Remember that our positive attitude and happiness also creates a chain effect! We can inspire people just by living happily and righteously and reaching out to help them!

2. The more we are aware of others’ wellbeing, the more we’ll unify the world! So many of life’s problems can come from just simply apologizing sincerely and showing through your actions that you mean it. If we apologized and forgave more, there would be less negative feelings shared. If we took twenty minutes to listen to someone talk about the hardships they’re going through and give some words of comfort, there would be a lot less depression, feelings of being alone, and there would be a lot more shared trust.

Why do we refrain from reaching out to others?! Why do we sometimes shy away from saying “Hi” as someone passes us? The more we interact kindly and respectfully with one another, the more unified our communities and countries will be!

3. We have to remember that after we do all we can, God does the rest! He helps us live according to His will and plan if we live righteously! If we have the desire to help others but don’t know how, we can pray and ask for help and inspiration. Revelation can come through prayer, scriptures, priesthood leaders, and even through other people God has put in our lives to inspire us! He will give us the words and opportunities we need in order to achieve our goals as long as we do all we can to prepare ourselves for those things!

If we have good desires and go to God with them, HE WILL HELP US! If we want to be happier or help others be happier, He will help us! He wants to help us achieve good things! We cannot forget that truly ANYTHING is possible when we believe in the love and power of God to help us!

4. It’s as simple as that. All things good and true come from Jesus Christ. We can study His life more and see how he reacted to differing opinions, hate, and rejection. The more we strive to live our lives as He did, the better we will be, and the happier the world will be as well. He is the source of everlasting life and because of Him we can change and make a difference in the lives of others.

Life may not be easy sometimes, but it can be a lot easier to go through when we strive to live as Jesus Christ instructed us and LOVE God first, and then “LOVE others as we love ourselves.” He desires our happiness and true, eternal, lasting happiness comes from Him only.

I know all of these things to be true. I hope you were able to feel inspired by this and have a happier day!

Till next time!



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