I’m off to Israel!

dbe36311a14a6b7d893d87be41e00284.jpgToday I’m taking a flight from SLC to JFK and then all the way to Tel Aviv!! I still don’t feel that the day has really come. It’s definitely been an adventure getting here, but I’m happy everything played out as it did.

So, what the heck am I going to do in Israel?!

I will be attending the BYU Jerusalem’s Near-Eastern Studies program. Here, I will study the Old and New Testament more in-depth, and then get to see-IN PERSON- the places I’ve read about my whole life!! Aside from that, I’ll also be learning about surrounding culture and history! I will also be able to learn some Arabic (hopefully I can catch on before the 4 months fly by!)

More information on this program is found at: https://jerusalemcenter.ce.byu.edu/info

ANYWAY, I just have to say I feel extremely grateful and everything still feels very surreal. I can’t wait for everything to be a reality finally tomorrow afternoon! (I’ll be flying until tomorrow around 2ish Israel time).

I will not be able to use social media a whole lot, from what I’ve been told, but I’m hoping to share my pictures and thoughts on here and Instagram somewhat frequently! I will not be writing a ton about everything I experience, however, because everything my phone and laptop send, receive, or post will be read by the Israeli government! (Or so I’m told..) So, if you want to hear about some of those more special experiences, you’ll have to HMU in person AFTER I get back 😉 hahaha

However, I WILL be writing about some of the most sacred experiences of my life so I hope you can read my perspective with respect and curiosity and discover some of your own spiritual experiences as well!

I hope you enjoy the insights and stories I share and that they can strengthen or uplift you in some way!! Never stop smiling!!!



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