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Wonder-Woman-Movie-Sexism-FeminismLanguages are so much fun to learn. Languages are beautiful, rich with culture, unique, enchanting, and at times can be very difficult to learn! I have always been intrigued and excited when it comes to learning languages–my whole life! Although I wish I had found more resources to have learned more languages growing up, I am still grateful that my parents put me in a Spanish Immersion Program so I could at least learn Spanish!

In middle school I took two years of French but then quit because I mixed it up too much with Spanish.

When I lived in Ecuador, I learned some Kichua and studied it thoroughly each day so that I could communicate with my neighbors in Quinchuquí. It was unique and sounded so beautiful and the more I learned the dialect, the more I realized that certain words in English took on new meaning due to the way they were interpreted in Kichua.

When I lived in Israel, I learned some Biblical Hebrew in context and found it incredibly eye-opening; words and numbers had new meaning to me. These were words, phrases, patterns, and numbers I had previously passed over casually, not knowing there was so much depth to those words. I learned some Arabic as well and learned about the 99names of Al-lah (or God). I received new insights on God’s divine character. I learned where certain Arabic words came from and the reason behind their spelling or reference to certain aspects of Islam or God.

I began to crave learning more and more languages so that I could continue expanding my understanding of God, this world’s culture, humankind, and the meaning and history put into each word we speak.

I became great friends with someone I met through Instagram named Zeynep. She’s from Turkey but speaks great English! We talk almost every day and I’ve started learning Turkish recently so that I can connect with her on a deeper level. I recently learned that the word “man” in Turkish is “adam”… ummmm??? Does anyone else think that is beautiful?! It makes sense! Adam was the first man to ever be created, so therefore he is the model for what a “man” is!

I started learning Portuguese a few months ago as well because I have a few Brazilian friends and thought their language sounded really fun! I continue learning new concepts each day as I learn new vocabulary and I never stop feeling FULL!

Language may not be something that everyone is passionate about, but I see it as a tool for peace! Has anyone seen the new “Wonder Woman” movie?! Well, it explains that Amazon women were created to bring peace to the world. And guess what one of their incredible abilities is?? You guessed it! They can speak ANY LANGUAGE!!

The more languages we learn, the more open-minded we become.

The more languages we learn, the more real God becomes, and the more we understand the depth of different cultures.

The more languages we learn, the more we can connect with people who we may fail to understand simply because there is that language and cultural barrier.

The more languages we learn, the more respectful and respected we will be.

I think there is POWER in learning language and it brings a sense of inspiration and peace to me! I’m not sure why I decided to write on this today, but it’s been something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. I’m very grateful for language and that we can progress continually towards unifying our world as we learn more languages together and connect on new levels of understanding! 🙂

Have a great week and try learning a language!! DuoLingo is an app I use that is both fun and REWARDING!

If you have any positive experiences with this, let me know! I’d love to hear them!!