Packing List!


This is a GREAT way I’ve found to pack necklaces without them getting tangled. Another great method is simply rolling them up in a scarf, giving enough room for each necklace to be fully wrapped around before placing another necklace (that way they are separated by a layer of fabric).


This was not a very functional way of packing. I would recommend rolling clothes up tightly and making everything very compact.


These are the scarves I took. My aunt made the stringy scarves out of teeshirts by looking up how on Pinterest. The rest of the scarves are mostly from Target. 🙂


My shoes (top to bottom): Hush puppies, columbia flats, doc martin mary janes, rocket dog flats. The Doc Martins and Hush puppies lasted me all 18 months!! Best shoes!


These are my cap sleeve shirts. I will wear these underneath other shirts or cardigans.


These are my regular shirts. Top shirts are my solid colors, bottom are my patterned shirts.


These shirts I will bring to wear over other shirts, as they are more transparent. But, they dress up outfits.


These are my quarter-length sleeved shirts as well as my warmer shirts.


These are my skirts. The ones on the side are from a garage sale. The green one in the middle is from Target and I hemmed it to not be a maxi skirt. The other skirts are from


These are my dresses. Target and garage sale finds.


My belts. These will dress up my more bland outfits!!

I five cardigans and sweaters too.

Hope these ideas helped some girls get an idea of what to pack! 🙂

Here is a list of everything else I took:

AIRLINE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE                                                                                                                                                    

2 Suitcases (no more than 62 dimensional inches. Max weight is 50 lbs)

1 carry- on Bag (no more than 45 dimensional inches. Garment bags should not be carried on. Weight varies)

or a carrying case/backpack you may purchase at the MTC.


Photo Identification (in hand)

Temple recommend

four-generation pedigree chart

True to the Faith

Health Insurance

Immunization Sheet

$200 Cash for Traveling/Emergencies

Money for MTC expenses


7 scarves

3 hair bows

4 head bands

6 waist belts

1 pants belt



5 necklaces

4 rings

4 bracelets

2 every day wear watches

1 athletic watch

10 pairs of earrings



7 skirts

3 dresses

1 long raincoat

12 pairs of athletic socks

10 pairs of flats socks

4 sports bras

3 athletic capris

5 athletic shirts

1 pair of jeans

1 black slip

1 white slip

1 pair thick leggings

5 long sleeved cardigans

1 down jacket

1 rain jacket (waist length for during service)

11 short sleeve shirts

4 long sleeve shirts

4 capsleeve shirts

4 cover shirts (over capsleeves, patterned or see-through)

1 pair of sweats

1 sweatshirt

1 pair of pajamas (shorts and shirt)

2 blazers




4 colgate toothpastes

1 package make up remover wipes

1 bronzer

1 makeup brush

2 mascaras

3 packages of mints

2 Tums mints (mints that double as tums)

18 floss containers

2 packets of tissues



2 gold bond baby powder bottles (doubles for feet and hair)

1 clear finger nail polish

4 deoderants

2 deoderant/lint removing sponges

1 bottle “Odobon” for laundry

1 lint roller



1 pair Columbia flats

1 pair doc martin mary janes

1 pair hush puppies

1 pair rocket dog flats

1 pair of shower sandals

1 pair of insoles

1 pair of slippers

1 instant shine sponge



2 microfiber towels

1 face towel

1 package of Q-tips

1 bar “Fels-Naptha” laundry bar & stain remover

1 bar soap holder

3 packets of Wet Ones

1 bottle spf 30 sunscreen

1 bottle conditioner

1 bottle shampoo

1 bottle of body lotion



2 fitted sheets

1 not fitted sheet

1 fuzzy blanket

1 mattress cover

1 bed bug/allergy protector pillow

1 mosquito net

1 package of earplugs

1 sleep mask (covering over eyes)

2 pillow covers



1 pop-up hamper

1 black umbrella

1 sewing kit

1 pair of mittens

1 durable flashlight

1 alarm clock


Cautionary Items

1 Ultrathon insect repellent for clothing

2 bottles Ultrathon insect repellent lotion

1 packet of bandaids

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 package of blister treatment

1 package of moleskin



3 “Who’s your hero” children’s books (BOM stories)

1 booklet of info on meds

1 mini hymnbook

1 set of scriptures

1 preach my gospel

1 pouch full of colored pencils/markers/pens/pencils

1 pouch of sticky notes/tape

1 packet of notebook paper

1 True to the Faith book

1 roll duct tape

1 roll packaging tape

1 every night journal

1 mini journal (to write down thoughts throughout the day)



1 portable speaker

1 ipod w/church music

1 ipod/speaker charger

1 small container of colored chalk

1 small hole puncher (to decorate missionary planner)

1 packet of hooks (to hang up mosquito net)

3 at&t phone cards

3 photo albums

1 flashdrive/usb port

1 camera (cheapest I found at Costco)

1 camera charger

1 jump rope

1 exercise band

7 thoughts on “Packing List!”

    1. I haven’t actually gotten all of these things yet–it’s just an outline. So unfortunately, I haven’t actually gotten my outlet converter yet. But I was planning on looking at REI. They have everything for travel! Have you tried looking there yet?

  1. Where did you get those doc martens? I’m going on a mission and looking for good shoes that aren’t so ugly!

    1. Hi Taylor this is her mom as she can’t do her blog while on a mission but she got her shoes at Journeys. I’ve also seen them on the doc Martin website. They’ve really held up and are good shoes! Good luck on your mission!

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