This is me.

Hi! I’m Madison Dunne. I love to play sports, dance, laugh, and make friends!

This blog was originally made to document my experience serving a mission in Ecuador. Now I just write down my thoughts whenever I feel inclined to do so! I hope to inspire or help at least someone with what I have to share. My original description for this page is as follows,

“I am serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months in the Ecuador Quito North mission speaking Spanish. (Hopefully you knew this coming onto my blog in the first place…ha ha) If you draw a horizontal line across Ecuador right at Quito– what’s north of that is my mission from the coast to the mountains. I’m unsure what towns or cities I will be living in until I get there.

This is the most pivotal decision of my life, and I expect to grow a lot from this experience. I know this is something I will look back on the rest of my life, and I know this is something I need to do. I have prayed a lot about this decision to serve a mission, and although it may be very difficult at times, it will also be incredibly rewarding.

The first six weeks of my mission, I will be in Mexico getting trained in the Missionary Training Center; Learning how to teach, and learning the language. After October 8th I will head off to Ecuador. You can ask my parents for my new address once that happens.

Love, Madi”

4 thoughts on “This is me.”

  1. Madison, I LOVE this blog! I loved what you wrote. It’s time for me to read my scriptures and I feel like I’ve already read them–your posts were (are) so “real” and uplifting. LOVE IT!!

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