Here is a sample of some of the videos I am most proud of that I have made both at the request of organizations, as well as for my own purposes. To see other videos I have created, check out my Youtube channel.

I created this video for a nonprofit organization called Reach 10. Reach 10 brings young adults together to create a new culture of compassion, connection, and courage to replace the shame, silence, and fear that keep people stuck in the problems of pornography. The idea behind this video was to help people understand how to have such a difficult conversation in a more compassionate way within a relationship. For more information, see

I wrote the script and screen play and co-directed it with Nick Sales. Video production was done by Nick Sales. For booking, contact him at The actors are Malia and Bradley Mackay.

I created this video in 2017 to document my travels in Egypt with my BYU-Jerusalem study abroad group in a fun, upbeat way.

I noticed an organization called “Talk Tolerance” directing an event on BYU campus and i decided to document it. I created this in 2016 when I was still developing my videography skills, so the sound isn’t as good as in my more recent ones. However, I made this to practice documenting good news, and Talk Tolerance posted the video to their Facebook page.

I created this video (above) and co-created the one below it during my internship with Glowosaurs in 2017. This organization works to cheer up children in hospitals with a dinosaur called HOPE, along with coloring books, stuffed animals, and other means of entertainment. The goal behind these videos was to have something the head of the organization, Greg Frei, could use to show hospitals what he would like to bring to their patients. The first video (above this paragraph) illustrates HOPE in action and shows how much joy he brings to patients. The second video (below this paragraph) tells Greg’s story which catalyzed this nonprofit. It is meant to portray the strong emotional motivator behind everything he does.

Currently in Utah!

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